Mobeen Afzal

An Entrepreneur by Profession and a Tourist by Passion.

7 startups , 3 failed, 1 running in limelight and 3 going pretty well. Still motivated still devotional.

Started my career as an Intern at Techlogix.  Studying in the morning working in the evening. Lucky to got a chance to do capstone project as a product owned by renowned IT company in Pakistan i.e. Techlogix.

Got a Job as a “Software Engineer” in 2011 right after graduation at most renowned gaming company of Pakistan Game View Studios“. Served the company for more than 2.5 years worked on different technologies like ngCore, iOS, Android. 

During GVS tenure I served world second largest social mobile phone gaming company i.e. DeNa (mobage).  The goal was to setup a team across the world and place them under one roof and see how effectively a project can be released. So the project that took an year normally was completed in 3 months.

Left GVS in 2013 mid as Senior Software Engineer and joined Appimize Studios (Startup)  as Technical lead. Got the opportunity to lead the company in all perspectives like business growth, develop innovative ideas, lead technical and   non-technical team. From there made up my mind to start my own  Startup.

Left Appimize in end of 2014 and started my own Startup named “Regexsoft”  spent countless efforts and with in 1 year I reached to afford 25+ employees in Pakistan.
While running my own business had a vision that what our education sector is doing? instead of producing quality entrepenuaers  they are producing graduates with a mindset of doing job only, all I see is a race for CGPA only. I feel there is no way that a student is encouraged to start their own venture , own product etc.

So I started a channel i.e. CODDER (college of design development and entrepreneurship by Regexsoft) in which I mentor students and encourage them to come in market , take the initiative start their own work.

Today I am running multiple startups in multiple fields digitalising everything to make human life easy having 50+ employees working under me own a team in Ukraine to provide IT Services.

Helping clients to build their own digital portfolios and startups and providing consultation services for successful startup establishment.

In the end I only Say:

Think and Try.

if you think you can do it, Do it. Put 100% efforts. Forget what people say. Just move on with your goal, success will soon touch your feets. You are better than the ones who thinks and not try.