QIBLA Direction Application

A Qibla direction app for android

Do you find difficulty in finding qibla direction, when you travel somewhere? To which side should I turn to during Islamic Prayer? This app has answers to such questions. As, every Muslim performs their prayer towards one direction (Qibla) that is Kaaba, no matter where they are and it has importance to Muslim Salaat (Prayer). Accurate Qibla locator will help all Muslims around the word in finding Qibla’s direction. Users can find qibla anywhere on the map. It can easily be located through a compass on the map. This Qibla locator shows the course of Kaaba with the help of its unique and easy to understand Qibla Compass. Qibla compass is using your current location via GPS map to find out the right Qibla direction. To get an accurate result, place your device on a flat area. It is important to use your device where there is not any electromagnetic field and a metal object near it. Users can use this application through GPS sensor anywhere in the world.
• It can easily detect your current location
• It has an attractive user-friendly interface
• Can easily track Kabba location using GPS
• Free to download and easy to use
• Can be used anywhere in the world
• Compass arrow will show Qibla direction
• Can be used online and also offline
• Locate Qibla anywhere on the globe are you in.

Accurate Qibla locator is a must app when you go somewhere and find it hard to locate the exact qibla direction. Once you installed this app, it provides you the instant accurate results like no one else. Download this app from google play now and find qibla location with more accuracy. Accurate Qibla locator with GPS will find direction very easily and faster.

Platform Android
Developer Mobeen Afzal
Designer Mobeen Afzal
Link QiblaApplication